Femmy Award Winners

2018 Femmy Winners:

Lisa Pigeau, Metis Nation of Ontario (Advocacy)

Mai Ngo, ‘The Birth Talks’ podcast (Arts and Media)

Dr. Salma Debs Ivall, Debs-Ivall Consulting Inc. (Thought Leader)

Keya Prempeh, Foundations and Pathways Ottawa (Frontline Service Provision)

Jade Cooligan Pang, Our Turn Carleton & Our Turn National (Youth)

2017 Femmy Award Winners:

Elaine Kicknosway (Frontline Service)

Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah (Youth)

Charlie Lowthian-Rickert (Youth)

Jessica Ruano (Media)

Natasha Bakht (Thought Leader)

Jess Tomlin (Advocacy)

2016 Femmy Award Winners:

Beth Woroniuk (Advocacy – International)

Chelby Daigle (Advocacy – Community)

Lyra Evans (Innovation)

Sunny Marriner (Frontline Service Provision)

Kate McInturff (Research)

2015 Femmy Award Winners:

Dr. Angel Foster

Colleen Cardinal

Dr. Dawn Moore

Liz Bernstein

Sandi Harmer

2014 Femmy Award Winners:

D.J. Freedman, MSW

Diane McIntyre

Dillon Black

Hollaback! Ottawa

Marian de Vries

2013 Femmy Award Winners:

Aalya Ahmad

Shellie Bird

Ann Denis

Holly Hughes

Insight Theatre

Angela Lefebvre

2012 Winners:

Lynn Bue

Sari Tudiver

Bridget Tolley

Chris Bruckert

Shelley Evelyn

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