IWD 2018 Event Details

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Join us on March 8, 2018 for Ottawa’s biggest International Women’s Day celebration, featuring the annual Femmy Awards ceremony honouring local feminist change-makers, an activist fair, powerful arts performances, great food and drink, AND a dance party!

Encouraged by the growing movement of breaking the silence in Canada and abroad, the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day event and Femmy Awards ceremony is “Hashtags & Beyond.”

As always, the event will be free (except for cash bar). We will also have free child care available on site! No registration required.

WHAT: Hashtags & Beyond: 10 Years of Honouring Local Feminists

WHERE: Horticulture Building – Lansdowne. 1525 Princess Patricia Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3

WHEN: March 8, 2018, Doors Open at 6:00 PM

The evening’s program will include:

-Hosts Ketty Nivyabandi and Bilan Arte
-Traditional opening by Verna McGregor
-Performances by Actors Marc-André Charette, Gabrielle Lalonde, Emmanuel Simon, and Leah Archambault of The Ghomeshi Effect
-Storytelling by Lesley Parlane
-Perfomance by Poet and Musician King Kimbit
-Tunes by DJ SeiiizMikk

About The Ghomeshi Effect:
The Ghomeshi Effect is a verbatim dance-theatre piece that tackles sexual violence in Canada, particularly how it is handled in the justice system, through an edited series of documented interviews, and uses dance to inform and interrogate the language used in the discussion of sexual violence.

About Lesley Parlane:
Lesley Parlane is Dakota/Salteaux (member of Standing Buffalo First Nation) and Ottawa has been home since 1998.She is a 2012 graduate of Center for the Indigenous Theatre’s Summer Intensive Program and has been steadily working at her storytelling craft. She regularly uses her own life experiences asan Intergenerational Residential School Survivor and 60’s Scoop Adoptee living in Canada for the basis of her storytelling. She produced a show called: Voices from the Adoption Files at the National Arts Centre’s Backstage and is presenting Leslie: Decolonized in April 2018. She is a member of Storytellers of Canada and Ottawa Storytellers.
King Kimbit, born as Nguyễn Anh Thư on unceded Algonquin territory out of the Vietnamese boat people diaspora, has performed on and off of Turtle Island, sharing love and knowledge. King has recently released her debut album LIFE LESSONS POETICALLY, illustrating her journey through intersections in a whitecapitalistpatriarchal world. French IWD poster 2018

Joignez-vous à nous le 8 mars 2018 pour la plus grande célébration de la Journée international des femmes à Ottawa. L’évènement comprend la remise des Prix Femmy qui rendent hommage à des actrices de changements de la région, une foire engagée, des performances artistiques impressionnantes, de la bonne nourriture et des boissons, ET de la danse!

Cette année, le thème de la célébration de la Journée internationale des femmes et des Prix Femmy est « Hashtags & au-delà » en référence à la vague de dénonciations qui déferle sur le Canada et ailleurs.

Cette année encore, l’évènement est gratuit (sauf le bar payant). Nous offrons aussi une garderie gratuite sur les lieux! L’inscription n’est pas nécessaire.

QUOI: Hashtags & Au-delà: 10 ans d’hommage à des féministes locales

OÙ : Horticulture Building – Lansdowne. 1525 Princess Patricia Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3

QUAND: Le 8 mars 2018. Les portes ouvrent à 18 hr

Le programme de la soirée comprendra:

-Nos animatrices: Ketty Nivyabandi et Bilan Arte
-Cérémonie d’ouverture traditionnelle par Verna McGregor
-Performances par les acteurs Marc-André Charette, Gabrielle Lalonde, Emmanuel Simon et Leah Archambault du The Ghomeshi Effect
-Storytelling par Lesley Parlane
-Perfomance par le poète et musicien King Kimbit
-Musique avec le DJ SeiiizMikk

L’effet Ghomeshi est une œuvre verbatim alliant théâtre et danse qui aborde la violence sexuelle au Canada, plus particulièrement la façon dont le système juridique traite les cas de cette nature, au moyen d’une série d’entrevues documentées et éditées. La danse sert à interroger et à informer le langage usité dans les discussions portant sur la violence sexuelle.

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